Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Pax American Murder


Answer the question, Pax Institute:
Nora O’Rourke?
Algorithm 8, next.
And alone there, armed.

This can hiding,
Right this, World Peace.
Wrong, doesn’t miracle?
Random purpose.
Love over.

Avenged Question’s answer.
Scared Show, Soldier/Hunchback
Question Mark?
Bludgeon Strength.

Gun caved in skull,
Pax struck.
Brain damage elevator.
Questions clear,
Hunchback Soldier.


Answer this:
Can Avenged Question’s Answer
Gun caved in skull?

The Question scared.
Show Pax.

…Pax Institute,
Nora O’Rourke hiding
Soldier Hunchback.
Exclamation Question Mark

Algorithm 8.
Next, right this
World peace

And wrong!
Doesn’t miracle.

Random brain damage--

Alone, bludgeon
Strength Questions
Clear Hunchback.

There armed purpose:
Love over, soldier.


This can right.
This World peace.
Wrong doesn’t miracle.
Random purpose:
Love over.

Answer Algorithm 8 next,
There armed scared show.

The question, Pax Institute:
Nora O’Rourke and (alone hiding)
Avenged Question’s answer
(Soldier Hunchback Exclamation:
Question Mark!) bludgeon?
Strength gun caved in
Skull, Pax struck brain damage.
Elevator questions clear,
Hunchback soldier!


Answer Soldier, Hunchback.
Exclamation: Question, Mark

Struck random, alone.

Alone, purpose love…

Love over bludgeon.
Strength/brain damage elevator.

Brain, damage elevator.
Right this world peace
(Pax Institute), Nora O’Rourke.

Pax Institute,
Nora O’Rourke avenged
Questions. Answer?

Avenged questions
Answer “PAX.”

“Pax Soldier,” Hunchback
Exclamation. Question,
Mark Right, “This World
Peace and…

And random
Bludgeon Strength


Answer the question,
Pax Institute…
Nora O’Rourke:
Algorithm 8 next?
And alone, there armed

Purpose: Love
Over Random Wrong.
Doesn’t miracle right
This world peace?
Hiding this can

Avenged Questions answer.
Scared show soldier.
Hunchback exclamation…
Question Mark.
Bludgeon strength!

Soldier questions Clear Hunchback Brain.
Damage elevator struck Pax gun.
Caved in Skull.


Soldier purpose:
Love over there, armed

A lone bludgeon.
Strength questions clear,

Brain damage elevator…

And wrong doesn’t,

Struck right, this World
Peace Algorithm.
8 next.

Pax Institute (Nora O’Rourke,
Hiding soldier) Exclamation:
Question Mark.

Pax scared?
Show the question.

Answer this:
Can avenged questions answer gun/caved in skull?


Answer The Question!
Pax Institute? Nora O’Rourke,
Algorithm 8 next?
And alone there,
Armed this can.

Hiding right, this world
Peace. Wrong doesn’t, Miracle.
Random Purpose:
Love Over Avenged.
Questions answer scared.
Show soldier, hunchback.
Exclamation! Question

Strength gun caved in
Skull, Pax!


Damage elevator.
Questions clear,
Hunchback Soldier.


Soldier, Hunchback
Clear. Questions elevator
Damage. Brain struck
Pax skull in caved gun.

Strength bludgeon.
Mark, question exclamation.
Hunchback, Soldier, show scared
Answer. Questions avenged.

Over love, purpose random.
Miracle doesn’t wrong.
Peace world this right!
Hiding, can this

Armed there alone?
And next… Algorithm 8!
O’Rourke, Nora.
Institute Pax,

Question the answer.

[Photos: The Multiversity: Pax Americana #1 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly]

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